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Meet John

John Christian

As with most boys, for John, it all started with a Daisy BB gun, shooting pop cans and watching G.I. Joe. Some of his greatest memories are of being down in the woods of Kentucky with his Dad, shooting, or learning the fundamentals of an AK-47 in his living room.

At 18-years-of-age, he bought his first rifle, an old SKS. It escalated from there into precision rifles and when he became of age, pistols as well. At this time, he really started to connect with and draw a lot from his dad's vast knowledge of everything firearms-related, and he began collecting and shooting various firearms. After years of simply going to a range and shooting from benches, he started to look for a more dynamic approach to shooting. He started out with a basic pistol class and then moved onto more advanced classes. This drive got him hooked into training to become more efficient with firearms. He recently took a Rage Safety Officers course to help out, which has since transitioned into becoming a Rifle Instructor. Looking to the future, John intends to improve upon his current training and to attend more instructor classes. He also looks forward to working with students in our courses.

John holds the following firearms certifications and training certificates:


Vandalia Range & Armory - Vandalia, Ohio

     • NRA Basic Pistol Course



Mad Duck Training - West Elkton, Ohio

     • Tactical Carbine #1

     • Tactical Carbine #2 

     • NRA Range Safety Officer 

     • Dynamic Trauma Training



Surprise Break Firearms Training - Arcanum, Ohio

     • NRA Personal Protection in Home

     • Low Light Pistol Tactics

     • Defensive Rifle 

     • Advanced Pistol Skills

     • Defensive Shotgun 

     • NRA Defensive Pistol 

     • NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home 

     • Defensive Rifle II

     • SAFTD Defensive Shotgun 1 


Defensive Training Solutions

     • SAFTD Methods of Instruction (MOI)

     • SAFTD Defensive Carbine Instructor 

     • SAFTD Defensive Handgun Instructor 


Greenville Township Rescue/Fire - Greenville, Ohio

     • CPR, First Aid, AED 

Second Amendment Foundation Training Division

     • Defensive Handgun Instructor 

Defensive Training International - Fort Collins, Colorado

     • Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds

     • Armed Response to a Terrorist Attack

Handgun Combatives

      Combative Pistol

     • Advanced Combative Pistol

     • Vehicle Combatives

     • Handgun Combatives Instructor

Combat Speed LLC (Super Dave Harrington)

     • Integrated Weapons Applications and Skills for Urban Combat

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