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Meet Kyle

Kyle Yount
CEO/Training Director

Kyle has been shooting regularly since the age of 12. It wasn't until he turned 21 and went through the police academy that he actually received formal training on how to use firearms. Since then he has been addicted to not only improving his own firearms knowledge and shooting skills, but also to helping law-abiding citizens, legal permanent residents, police officers, and even military personnel and veterans improve their own firearms handling and tactics.

In 2009, he founded Kyle's Concealed Carry, which was a one-man operation. He trained Ohio residents in the state-required training course for obtaining a Concealed Handgun License. In 2014 after acquiring additional training contracts, Kyle's Concealed Carry evolved into Surprise Break Firearms Training. As the Training Director, he is constantly striving to improve Surprise Break's curriculum, and to this end he takes the input of his training staff seriously.

He enjoys teaching students from all backgrounds and experience levels, from CHL training to advanced handgun, shotgun, rifle, and low light courses. He has also assisted John and Vicki Farnam of Defense Training International as their instructor.

Currently, Kyle is a sworn police officer and serves as the Rangemaster and as a Corporal.  In the past, he served as an Acting Chief, School Resource Officer and Sergeant. In the Law Enforcement business since 2009, he has continually sought further training, both at instructor and student-level, and holds the following firearms certifications and training certificates:


     • Certified NRA Pistol Instructor

     • Certified NRA Personal Protection Instructor

     • Certified NRA Chief Range Safety Officer

     • Ohio Concealed Handgun License Holder

     • OPOTA Certified Firearms Instructor - Semi-Auto, Revolver, Shotgun, & Rifle

     • Member of International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI)

     • Rangemaster Advanced Instructor Certificate

     • Defense Training International Certified Instructor

     • Firearms Trainer's Association (FTA) Insured Member

     • Agile Civilian Use of OC Instructor

     • NRA Basic Rifle Instructor

     • NRA Basic Shotgun Instructor

     • Modern Samurai Project Red Dot Pistol Instructor


Sinclair Community College - Dayton, Ohio

     • Basic Police Academy (BAS# 09-016)

     • 80 Hours Police Officer Firearms Training - Handgun, & Shotgun


Vandalia Range & Armory - Vandalia, Ohio

     • NRA Home Firearm Safety Instructor Training

     • NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Training

     • NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor Training


NRA Training Department - Home Study Program

     • NRA Range Safety Officer Training


Tactical Solutions Group - Brookville, Ohio

     • Police Firearms Instructor Training Course

     • Ohio Peace Officers Training Commission Re-qualification Instructor in Revolver, Semi-Auto Pistol, &


     • AR-15/M-16/M-4 Armorers Training


Mad Duck Training - West Elkton, Ohio

     • NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor Training

     • Dynamic Trauma Training

     • NRA Chief Range Safety Officer Instructor Course

     • Tactical Shotgun

     • 1911 Pistol

     • 1911 Pistol Part 2

     • NRA Basic Rifle Instructor

     • NRA Basic Shotgun Instructor

     • Tactical Carbine

Montgomery County Sheriffs Office Training Center - Dayton, Ohio

     • Police Patrol Rifle Operator Course (5 times)


Butler Tech Public Safty Education Center - Hamilton, Ohio

     • Police Patrol Rifle Instructor Course

     • Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission Patrol Rifle Re-qualification Instructor   


Defense Training International - Fort Collins, Colorado

     • Defensive Handgun with John and Vicky Farnam

     • Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds

     • Armed Response to a Terrorist Attack

     • Defensive Urban Rifle

     • Defensive Handgun Instructor

     • Vehicle Defense

     • Advanced Defensive Handgun

     • "Teaching Women to Shoot" with Vicki Farnam

     • Defensive Shotgun

     • Up Close and Personal Instructor

Defensive Training Solutions - Troy, Ohio

     • SAFTD Range Officer

     • SAFTD Methods of Instruction
     • SAFTD Defensive Handgun Instructor
     • SAFTD Defensive Carbine Instructor

     • SAFTD Defensive Shotgun Instructor

     • SAFTD Master Instructor Training

Defensive Solutions LLC - South Bend, Indiana

     • Introduction to Urban Shotgun

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, Carl Chinn, and Jimmy Meeks - Huntertown, Indiana

     • Sheepdog Seminar (3 times)

Sentinel Concepts - Alliance, Ohio

     • Practical Shotgun

Handgun Combatives

     • Combative Pistol

     • Adaptive Combative Pistol

     • Combative Use of the MRDS

     • Snubby Revolver

     • Kinetic Combat Pistol

     • Advanced Covert Pistol

     • Carry Optics Pistol

Rangemaster Firearms Training Services

     • Instructor Development Course

     • Overall Score 296.5/300

     • Advanced Instructor Development Course

     • Defensive Shotgun

Tactical Defense Institute

     • FASTER Level 1

     • FASTER Level 2

Pat McNamara of TMACS INC.

     • TAPS (Tactical Application of Practical Shooting)

Aprill Risk Consulting

     • Unthinkable with William Aprill

Combat Speed LLC (Super Dave Harrington)

     • Integrated Weapons Applications and Skills for Urban Combat

     • Advanced Application of the Modern Combat Pistol Program

Modern Samurai Project

     • Red Dot Sight (RDS) Instructor

Gary Evens

     • Defensive Lever Action Rifle

Agile Training (Chuck Haggard)

     • Civilian OC Instructor

     • Managing Unknown Contacts

Shivworks (Craig Douglas)

     • Edged Weapons Overview (EWO)

OnSight Firearms Training (Ben DeWalt)

     • Defensive Handgun

Tactical Response (James Yeager)

     • Fighting Pistol with James Yeager

Costa Ludus (Chris Costa)

     • Handgun Elements Theroy 1 (HET1)


     • PDP Armorer


     • Taser Instructor


"Kyle has an effective delivery that holds students attention with his knowledge. He represents the next generation of great instructors to advance the art so a whole new generation of Americans won't have to die all over again, knowing what we already know".

- John Farnam

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