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This 24 hour course is designed for faith based congregations who take protecting its members seriously.  The class is eight hours of classroom and 16 hours of range time with the firearms the safety team members ACTUALLY CARRY during services (if you carry a Ruger LCP for example during church, do not show up with a Glock 17).  In this class we will look at the various types of threats to faith based communities and proper proactive and reactive means to combat violent criminal attack as well as other modern day liabilities to faith based congregations.  We will discuss the tactical treatment of gunshot wounds along with focus on active killer response.

Students will need the following:

-Reliable handgun
-Sturdy concealment holster (No SEPRA style holsters)

-Magazine or speed loader pouch
-Concealment garment
-Three magazines for pistol or three speedloaders, moonclips, or speed strips for revolver
-800 rounds of factory ammunition per student per year

The price varies depending on the number of safety team members the church has and a contract of a minimum of three years of continuing training (16 hours annually for the second and third year) with us which comes with a package discount.

Less than five students: $3000 upfront for all three years ($1000 annually)

Five to ten: $4,000 upfront for all three years ($1,500 for first year, $1,250 a year for the second and third year)

11 to 15: $5,000 upfront for all three years.  ($2,000 for the first year, $1,500 for the second and third year)


If you wish to only pay for one year of training, and not sign a contract for three years, you can purchase the 24 hour plan separately but the pricing is the following:


Less than five students: $1,500


Five to ten students: $2,000


11 to 15 students: $2,500

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