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  • Will you travel to my location?
    Yes, we can travel to your location if in the continental United States. The price of the training will be negotiated depending on travel costs and class size. Hosting us will cost extra. We need a classroom that will hold the amount of students you have comfortably with heat and air conditioning and a range reserved to only us that meets our needs for that particular course. Payment must be received in full at least 30 days prior to the class date. Email us if you are interested in hosting us for a class for more information.
  • I have taken the Concealed Carry Course, how do I apply for my license to carry?"
    Apply at your local or adjoining county sheriff’s office, call ahead to schedule an appointment with them. Ask them how much it costs and what all they need from you. Typically, you will need to submit a 2x2 photo of your whole head, face forward, complete the entire application given to you during our course and be fingerprinted. Bring exact cash for the amount of the application. Your license will be issued by the sheriff within 45 business days as long as you do not have any disqualifying criminal or mental history.
  • Why should I take training? I go to the range. That's good enough,right?"
    Not only is it not good enough, but you are only fooling yourself if you think target practice prepares you for a gunfight. The two are complete opposite. You attend training in order to learn how to properly practice. Proper practice makes perfect, not just simply practice. If you don’t train and practice what you learned in training you are simply engaging in ballistic masturbation. Shooting is a perishable art if you don’t train and properly practice. We recommend taking a training class once a year at the least. If you take training from us you will receive relevant and realistic training that focuses on your needs and typical environment.
  • I watch (insert name) Instructor on YouTube. Isn't that training?
    First off, we are not bashing any instructors that make YouTube videos as we also post videos to YouTube. We are simply stating you cannot fully benefit and learn new skills and tactics, how to properly execute them or know in which circumstances and scenarios certain techniques work best. Videos simply introduce you to training concepts; they can’t show you how to properly do things like hands on instruction from a competent instructor.
  • I don't have that type of firearm for a class I want to take. Will you loan me one?
    We will loan our personally owned firearms out to students for training purposes. Simply make reservations with us ahead of time (ASAP) so we can bring the firearms and ammunition you need for the course. This is not a free service if we are providing the ammo; there will be an extra charge. If you bring the ammunition we allow in training for our firearms (NO RELOADS) the gun rental is free. All firearms must be returned at the end of the class.
  • I have no experience and never shot a gun, what should I buy?"
    Nothing. Not before you take a beginners course with us. In those classes we figure out what works best for you. There is not one size, make, or model fits all when it comes to firearms. We will help you figure out what you like, before you buy one.
  • I want my spouse to take training but they have no experience, should I teach him or her basics first?"
    Teaching your spouse anything is not a good idea, as our staff are highly trained to teach them the basics and beyond. Also, they retain more information from a trained instructor because they listen better. Not to mention this could cause relationship problems. If they aren’t taught the correct techniques with the right firearm for them, they may not ever pick up a firearm again
  • I served in the military, why should I take training?"
    First off thank you for your service and we are huge patriots to our nation. Please don’t take this as an insult as we are not trying to offend our current or former military, just stating fact. Military training and self defense training is not one in the same. For instance, in less you served as an elite operator, military police, saw combat or deployed overseas; your firearms training in the military was dismal past basic training. Also military training focuses primarily on rifle training and very little training on handguns. Handguns are more difficult to shoot then rifles. Our training classes have helped current and former military members bridge this gap and become effective defensive handgun shooters.Our rifle and shotgun courses help improve veteran and current military members abilities as well.
  • I have my CCW. Why should I continue training?
    Have you ever mastered any skill besides breathing and sleeping in an eight hour class? Our Concealed Carry course is not just a typical handgun safety course and is better than most, but we can’t teach you all the life saving skills and tactics that will help you win a gunfight in eight hours. There is a lot to carrying a firearm and a lot of responsibility that goes along with it. Part of that responsibility is improving our knowledge through training. What do you want your training resume looking like after you have been involved in a situation where you were forced to take a life to save yours or others? All of this will be looked at (good or bad) by the courts. Do you know when you can legally use a firearm in self defense? If you have any doubt in these areas, our training will build your confidence and better prepare you
  • Are your classes ran with a drill instructor mentality?
    No. We are very friendly and will help you and whatever needs you may have. We may push your abilities to find the failure points so we know what skills we need to improve on, but we will always be courteous, respectful, truthful and honest with you.
  • Can my child take class with me?
    Yes, providing you stay with them at all times. We recommend the child be at least a pre teen so they have the strength and mental development to be able to safely handle a gun and responsibly use a gun. Our youngest student so far was 12 and she outshot her parents! Bring the family and make it a fun memory all will remember which may save your lives as well!
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