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Meet Mike

Mike Colby
Senior Instructor

Born in Chicago, Illinois where he attended Niles West High School, Michael Colby signed up with the United States Air Force where he served as an Environmental Support Specialist from 1989 to 1995.  Mike began training with us since the summer of 2015.  He quickly realized the importance of training and acquiring the skills and discipline that he would need to safely carry a firearm in public.  Since then he has taken the following courses:

Surprise Break Firearms

-NRA Basic Pistol                                                                              

-Advanced Pistol Skills

-NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home          

-Defensive Rifle 1                                                                             

-Defensive Shotgun                                       

-NRA Defensive Pistol                                                   

-NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home

-Low Light Pistol Tactics

-Defensive Rifle 2


-SAFTD Defensive Shotgun 1

-SAFTD Defensive Carbine 1

-SAFTD Defensive Carbine 1 Instructor


-SAFTD Defensive Handgun 1  

-NRA Range Safety Officer

-SAFTD Range Officer

-SAFTD Methods of Instruction

-SAFTD Defensive Handgun 1 Instructor

-Move Pistol

-Bad Breath Distance Rifle

-Urban Sharpshooter


American Heart Association

-First Aid/CPR/AED


Mad Duck Training

-Dynamic Trauma

-NRA Basic Pistol Instructor


Press Check Training

-Immediate Actions and Considerations for Penetrating Trauma


Handgun Combatives

-Combative Pistol

Combat Speed LLC (Super Dave Harrington)

-Integrated Weapons Applications and Skills for Urban Combat

Defense Training International Inc.

-"Teaching Women to Shoot" with Vicki Farnam

-Defensive Handgun

-Up Close and Personal

-Defensive Shotgun


Throughout his years of training, he began to realize how important it is to pass along the information he has learned.  He emphasizes passing along the importance of gun safety, proper drawing and holstering a loaded pistol and the proper mindset that is required of those who legally carry a firearm.  He believes all of these factors are important because their own safety and the safety of those around them depend on this understanding. 


It is his intention to continue with his training.  He hopes that it will further his knowledge so that he can grow into the best instructor he can be.


“Knowledge is wasted if not shared.”

                -Mike Colby

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