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Course Locations:

Darke County Fish & Game (DCF&G)

  • 1407 New Garden Rd, New Paris, Ohio, 45347



Course Details
This course is intended for AR-style rifles, carbines, pistols, and braced pistols in any caliber. All students will take home a Breakthrough Cleaning Kit for the AR, patches, q-tips, pipe cleaners and a Real Avid carbon scrapper. This course was developed by our owner and certified Tactical Solutions Group AR-15 Armorer to teach students how to properly clean their weapon to the "White Glove" inspection level. Complete field strip and reassembly will be covered, as well as how to inspect your rifle for proper functioning. 

Students need to bring their UNLOADED rifle and at least one magazine. Do not bring any rifle ammunition of any kind to class with you. If you do not have a rifle and would just like to learn about the Armalite Rifle, you may borrow one of ours for the class.  Please contact us via email before class if that is the case.


This course includes a cleaning kit. To retake this course without a cleaning kit will be $150. Please contact us if interested. 





DOWNLOAD/PRINT FORM and please for our convience and yours fill out the form with a black ink pen and bring it to class with you. This will help us speed up the class time, so we can spend more time training, and improving your skills. Thank You!




Interested in this course but cant attend the course date(s) or there are no more available dates listed? Join the course waitlist, make a $50 non-refundable deposit and pay the remaining balance of your course when we schedule it. You will be contacted when there is enough interest in scheduling another course. Click here to join.






4 HRS.



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