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This course covers Ohio Laws pertaining to owning and carrying firearms, the use of deadly force, and conditions of self-defense. We take it a step further and talk about proper mindset and aftermath of a defensive shooting. After completing the range portion of the course, students will take a written test, and upon completion of the course, they will take home a folder containing a wealth of information and their course completion certificate.


The goal of the "Concealed Carry" course is to provide students with a solid foundation in the basic knowledge of handgun safety, various types of handguns, an understanding of ammunition and how it functions, shooting fundamentals, and an introduction to defensive shooting skills.​A person new to the use of a firearm for personal defense typically has a broad range of questions and is faced with learning a number of skills that are critical in the use of a firearm - in this case, a handgun - to defend themselves, their family, or someone in their charge.


This course is specifically designed to provide such persons with the opportunity to gain that knowledge and learn those skills.​ A number of topics will be covered. These include but not limited to:​


• Safe handling of firearms

• Safe storage of firearms and ammunition

• Basic components of double-action revolvers

• Basic components of semi-automatic pistols

• Operation of a double-action revolver

• Operation of a single and double-action semi-automatic pistols

• Working with a natural defensive stance

• Two-Handed and single-handed engagements

• Integrating the Color Code into your life

• Finding your balance of speed and precision

• Clearing common pistol stoppages

• Progressive shooting drills

• Selecting a pistol and ammunition Course Requirements

• Modern, serviceable centerfire handgun (Semi-auto is highly recommended)​

• Eye & ear protection

• Sturdy holster that facilitates one handed holstering

• Semi-auto pistol or double-action revolver

• Reliable handgun preferably (.380 and/or .38 Special and Above)​

• 100 Round of ammo

• Factory-fresh ammo only - absolutely no reloads or specialty ammo

• 2 Extra mags

• Dual magazine carrier is optional but recommended

• Comfortable clothing

• Hydration system or bottled water

• Shoes - comfortable with sufficient support to permit a full range of motion

• Long pants and shirt with high collar

• Sturdy belt

•Baseball cap​​​





The following holsters and carry styles are not permitted:​

• Fabric holsters that can collapse when the firearm has been drawn

• Cross draw holster

• Shoulder holster

• Blackhawk Serpa and similar holsters which require the use of the index finger to deactivate a retention device will not be used in our classes.


The only exception will be for Law Enforcement & Military issued types of holsters for duty use.




DOWNLOAD/PRINT FORM and please for our convience and yours fill out the form with a black ink pen and bring it to class with you. This will help us speed up the class time, so we can spend more time training, and improving your skills. Thank You!