Course Details

The goal of the Second Amendment Foundation Training Division's “Defensive Shotgun I” course is to provide the student with a solid foundation in the basic knowledge of shotgun safety, various types of shotguns, an understanding of ammunition and how it functions, shooting fundamentals, and an introduction to defensive shooting skills.

A person new to the use of a firearm for personal defense typically has a broad range of questions and is faced with learning a number of skills that are critical in the use of a firearm - in this case, a shotgun - to defend themselves, their family or someone in their charge. Defensive Shotgun I is specifically designed to provide such persons new to shotguns the opportunity to gain that knowledge and learn those skills.

A number of topics will be covered in “Defensive Shotgun I - Introduction to the Defensive Use of a Shotgun." These include but are not limited to:

     • Safe handling of shotguns

     • Safe storage of shotguns and ammunition

     • Basic components of a shotguns

     • Types and operation of shotguns including pump, semi-auto, break-open, etc.

     • Working with a natural defensive stance

     • Integrating the Color Code into your life

     • Finding your balance of speed and precision

     • Clearing common stoppages

     • Progressive shooting drills

     • Definition of cover and concealment

     • Use of cover

     • Shooting from low and high barricades

     • Selecting a shotgun and ammunition

     • Cleaning and maintaining shotguns


Course Requirements 

• Modern, serviceable shotgun - pump or semi-auto shotgun recommended 12, 16, or 20​ gauge

• Eye & ear protection

• Comfortable clothing that includes sturdy shoes, long pants, and a shirt with a high collar

• 100 Shells ( 7 1/2 or #8 shot) 5 buckshot & 5 slugs - factory fresh ammo only - no reloads

• Shotgun carrier - either weapon mounted, or belt shot shell pouch

• Hydration system or bottled water

• Baseball cap


DOWNLOAD/PRINT FORM and please for our convience and yours fill out the form with a black ink pen and bring it to class with you. This will help us speed up the class time, so we can spend more time training, and improving your skills. Thank You!