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Course Locations:

Defensive Training Solutions (DTS)

  • 2820 Stone Circle Ct. Troy, OH 45373


Course Details

When you have been one of the millions of people who have purchased a semi-automatic or pump action shotgun for home defense, you should attend training in how to optimally and accurately use it in realistic home defense situations.  It is not a point and shoot weapon but a complex instrument that must be carefully aimed.  If you want to be like Joe, you may bring a double barrel if you wish, but you will soon learn its shortcomings.  This eight-hour one-day class, teaches students the essentials of fighting with a shotgun inside the confines of your home.   We will teach you how to use that pump or semi-auto shotgun sitting in your safe. This includes using hunting models to be pressed into service when that is all you have.  After taking the class it will be your constant companion at home. We cover safety, parts and operation, loading, unloading, reloading, patterning, stoppages and more depending on class size and student performance. 


Course Requirements

Students must bring a defensive shotgun with a sling in 20 gauge or larger, 50 rounds of birdshot, and 25 OO buckshot. Students must also bring eye and ear protection, and a carrying case. 


Gear Recommendations

Recommended gear consists of a method to carry your shotgun ammunition both on your person and on the shotgun itself.  We prefer you carry the ammo either in or on your shotgun as at 2AM when you reach for it to protect your home, you will barely have time to grab the shotgun let alone extra ammo.  Side saddles and match savers are welcome accessories on home defense shotguns to have extra ammo on hand in a fight.   






DOWNLOAD/PRINT FORM and please for our convience and yours fill out the form with a black ink pen and bring it to class with you. This will help us speed up the class time, so we can spend more time training, and improving your skills. Thank You!




Interested in this course but cant attend the course date(s) or there are no more available dates listed? Join the course waitlist, make a $50 non-refundable deposit and pay the remaining balance of your course when we schedule it. You will be contacted when there is enough interest in scheduling another course. Click here to join.




9AM - 5PM





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