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During our private training sessions, we train only one or two customers at a time.  We go over any skills that the students feel they need to work on with any firearm they want to become more familiar with. Once the student becomes confident in the skills they once lacked, we introduce new skills that are beneficial to their use of their particular firearm.  Once you pay for a private lesson, we will contact you and schedule the class around your and our schedule. 


Gear Requirements:


-Handgun, shotgun, or carbine/rifle (your choice)

-If you selected a handgun lesson, a proper sturdy holster, sturdy belt and concealment garment.

-Three magazines for rifle or pistol, two speed loaders or moon clips if shooting a revolver.

-Ammo requirements:  Factory ammo only, NO steel core ammunition!!!

            -2 hour private lesson: 200 rounds 

            -4 hour private lesson: 400 rounds

            -8 hour private lesson: 800 rounds

-Eye and ear protection

-Sling for rifle or shotgun




$50.00 per hour for single person

$75.00 per hour per couple


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