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Meet Jared

Jared Craver

Jared Craver brings a unique background with firearms to Surprise Break. At the young age of 20, Jared was hired as Property Manager of an esteemed hunting ranch in California. During his ten years as manager, he not only built the property’s rifle, shotgun and pistol ranges but also facilitated in instructing and qualifying all prospective hunters on the range prior to guiding them on each hunt. These were often high profile clientele, many of whom had never fired a gun in their lives, and thus were dependent upon Jared’s marksmanship expertise in order to have a safe and successful hunt.


Aside from teaching clientele who were new to firearms the ropes, Jared was also very often tasked with providing world-class sportsman their once-in-a-lifetime experience at RDR. During these multi-day hunts, Jared absorbed a wealth of knowledge about both firearms and hunting from some of the worlds most decorated sportsman. These unique encounters offered him the opportunity to handle a plethora of firearms, and to learn about each one’s unique qualities.


When not guiding hunts, Jared could often be found on the range, both honing his own skills, as well as introducing new shooters to pistol, rifle and shotgun, and teaching them the basics. “I can’t tell you how many times I had new shooters in tears at the mere idea of holding a scary gun, who then were itching to go out and purchase their first firearms after a few hours of range time with me”. He recalls. “Once I helped them work through their fears of firearms and retrain their mindset into a more positive, safety-oriented view, these otherwise walking victims became aware of the importance of firearms and had an awakened view of the world around them”.


Born into a family with a rich history in sheep ranching, Jared is a natural born Sheepdog and has a passion for embodying the “Sheepdog” mindset we strive to instill in each of our students at SBFT.

Jared holds the following firearms certifications and training certificates:

Surprise Break Firearms Training - Arcanum, Ohio

     • NRA Basic Pistol - December 2014

     • NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home - May 2015

     • Advanced Pistol Skills - April 2016

     • NRA Personal Protection Outside of Home - September 2016

     • Low Light Pistol Course - October 2016

     • Defensive Rifle II - November 2016

     • Range Safety Officer - January 2017

     • SAFTD Defensive Carbine 1 - May 2017

Mad Duck Training - West Elkton, Ohio

     • NRA Basic Pistol Instructor

     • Dynamic Trauma Training

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